Welcome to the Family Podiatry Centre’s official website for Singapore and Malaysia. We offer treatments for toe pain, foot pain, knee pain and lower back pain, by using a wide range of treatments including custom made orthotics utilising CAD/CAM technology, therapies such as shock wave therapy (ESWT), taping and exercise.

The Family Podiatry Centre focuses on treating and preventing foot and leg (lower limb) related ailments, not only in the individual, but the whole family. This concept was developed after accepting the fact that a large percentage of lower limb conditions result from anatomical deviations from the norm, that run in the family. If you have it, it is likely that you brother has it or your kids will get it. Identifying lower limb misalignments such as flat feet, a tilted pelvis or knock knees as early as possible and evaluating the rest of the family can help prevent many painful conditions such as heel pain, knee pain and lower back pain.

We look forward to meeting you and your family to help maintain one of our most important assets – our Lower Limbs.

The word Podiatrist (‘podos’ and ‘iatros’) literally means foot/leg physician. The Family Podiatry Centre, therefore, offers treatment for all conditions of the lower limb. That includes the following:

Skin: athletes foot, dermatitis, nail infections etc.

Joints: osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis, gout, sprains etc.

Muscles: tears, strains, myofascial trigger points etc.

Tendons: rupture and partial tears, tendonitis etc.

Nerves: neuropathies, sciatica, post-polio limb, tarsal tunnel syndrome etc.

Blood vessels: varicose veins, arterial and venous ulcerations etc.

Bone: spurs, leg length differences, fractures etc.

We will evaluate and diagnose your condition then prescribe or administer the appropriate treatment. This may involve anything from orthotics to manual therapy to modalities such as ESWT (shockwave therapy) to exercise. At the Family Podiatry Centre we always strive to seek conservative treatments first, since this is often the most effective way of treating conditions of the lower limb.